[Speex-dev] Echocanceller soundcards problem

Shiva Shankar shiva at freesystems.biz
Fri Oct 21 03:56:24 PDT 2011


The echo canceller at webrtc.org does a very good job of cancelling echo 
even across sound cards and the performance is awesome

On 21-10-2011 15:41, Victor Lenoir wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm currently using speex library to do echo cancellation but I have 
> an USB microphone and
> I've read that speex cannot handle different sound cards. But my 
> question is :
> Is it possible to find a workaround (knowing that my configuration 
> will be fixed) to make the echo cancellation works with an USB 
> microphone ?
> If it's not, do you now another good library which can handle this 
> configuration ?
> Thanks.
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