[Speex-dev] Bounty offer

Danilo da Silva danilodiogo at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 03:09:00 PDT 2011

Hello there!

our company (e-learning) is trying to roll out Mumble for our users. The
quality is awesome but setting up the program is a pain for our users and
we'd like to improve that for our users and for Mumble users in general.

The main issue our users have is with voice detection. Speaking with
Mumble's community they informed me
Now, one of the most twitchy aspects of the audio tuning is voice activity
detection for voice-activated transmission. For this we're relying on speex,
and fixing speex' VAD has been a long-overdue issue. If you want to offer a
bounty for that, it would probably be better directed at the Speex forums
though. A good, long-term, high-precision VAD would also allow us to
auto-tune the AGC maximum and minimum levels automatically, at which point
much of the need for the audio wizard is gone.

We'd like to know if we can sponsor such a fix and if this can be improved
for the larger Speex community.

Thanks in advance!
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