[Speex-dev] Issue with Wideband mode for qualities higher than 5

chekib chekib chekib.ha at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 04:00:52 PST 2011

Merry Christmas and happy new year for everyone.

I've started porting Speex 1.2rc1 on a 32-bit microcontroller, so far
everything goes fine for Norrowband modes.
But when I'm trying to encode in wideband mode with quality higher than 5
then decode
my file back, I get inaudible "thing" (just strong noise).

 - All frames are decoded with correct result (decoder function returns 0
for each decoded frame), so I
      guess encoded frames are correct.
 - Starting from quality 5 a low noise becomes audible and gets higher when
quality is increased
     till reaching Quality 8 where I can hear nothing but annoying noise
 - When I decode a file encoded on my PC (using speex utility with the same
config of my
     encoder) it sounds great. So I suppose the issue might be on my
encoder side.
 - I'm using fixed point configuration, and I updated the
      to 80 (I guess I'd never outpass this value, right? but I checked
even with 200).

Is there something I should specially take care of for Wideband mode?
Did anyone encountered a similar issue?

Thank you in advance for any comments/hints :-)

With best regards.
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