[Speex-dev] Patch: ARM: fix inline assembly when compiling for Thumb-2

Michael Hope michael.hope at linaro.org
Wed Nov 24 16:27:29 PST 2010

Hi there.  The attached patch adds If-Then (IT) instructions to the
ARM inline assembly in Speex, allowing it to compile in Thumb-2 mode.
Traditional 32 bit ARM instructions can be conditionally executed
depending on which flags are currently set.  Thumb-2 requires an 'IT'
instruction instead that affects up to the next four instructions.
Note that when compiling for ARM 32, IT instructions are validated
then dropped, so this patch should have no effect on ARM 32 builds.

Tested on Ubuntu Maverick with the Linaro GCC 4.5-2010.11-1 compiler
with --enable-arm4-asm and --enable-arm5e-asm.  Compiles fine, and a
small file run through speexdec seems fine.  Is there a test suite
that I could run?

-- Michael
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