[Speex-dev] herky-jerky audio

Jeff Ramin jeff.ramin at singlewire.com
Fri Nov 5 06:55:23 PDT 2010

I found the problem I was having (described below), and I'm now able to
hear the audio at the destination.

However, the audio does not play smoothly. It has hiccups and jumps and
stops. I can't guarantee this is the problem, but it may be related to 
caused when the Speex2PcmAudioInputStream needs to process an Ogg
page header.

Has anybody else had problems decoding speex that is being streamed? Any
suggestions as to how to fix this?


On 11/03/2010 03:05 PM, Jeff Ramin wrote:
> I have a couple apps running on my machine; one takes a PCM audio stream,
> converts it to Speex, and sends it over the network using RTP. The 
> other receives
> the RTP packets, and then converts the Speex data back to PCM. The PCM 
> is then
> played out the audio system.
> I'm currently ending up w/ static. Anybody have any pointers as to how 
> to debug
> the situation?
> Thanks.

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