[Speex-dev] AEC - Echo is cancelled however.....

Elston Sa jose at rebaca.com
Mon May 10 02:44:53 PDT 2010

Yes. I guessed that too, however I am not sure why it keeps repeating every
time the user stops / pauses and starts speaking again in a single session. 

I am using a laptop with standalone speakers. For echo cancellation to work
one has to make sure that the ref and echo buffers are synchronized. I guess
this is the most common problem.


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Well, AFAIK AEC engine needs time to adapt. So probably that's why at
the beginning of the conversation
you hear the consequences of this adaptation. Btw, what sound system do
you have? I mean laptop or arbitrary 
acoustic system? I'd like to know, cause I couldn't get enough echo
cancellation with speex in my environment with 
standalone speakers AT ALL. 

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1) Everytime a participant speaks there is a echo for a short duration
(maybe a word or two) but as the participant continues to speak without
any break the echo is 95% cancelled (i.e there is a feeble echo still
present if observed very carefully). 
2) The moment the participant stops / pauses speaking and start talking
again, scenario 1 is repeated as if the echo state has been
or reset.

Please note that I observe this in a single audio session and not after
restarting the application. I confirm that I am not re-initializing the
state after the session starts. 

Is this normal? Is there any way I can keep the echo state to what it
when the participant not speaking.

Also, any pointers on why I get a feeble echo back would be greatly



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