[Speex-dev] AEC - Echo is cancelled however.....

Elston Sa jose at rebaca.com
Mon May 10 01:40:47 PDT 2010

1) Everytime a participant speaks there is a echo for a short duration
(maybe a word or two) but as the participant continues to speak without a
any break the echo is 95% cancelled (i.e there is a feeble echo still
present if observed very carefully). 
2) The moment the participant stops / pauses speaking and start talking
again, scenario 1 is repeated as if the echo state has been re-initialized
or reset.

Please note that I observe this in a single audio session and not after
restarting the application. I confirm that I am not re-initializing the echo
state after the session starts. 

Is this normal? Is there any way I can keep the echo state to what it was
when the participant not speaking.

Also, any pointers on why I get a feeble echo back would be greatly



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