[Speex-dev] Need help in speex..

QianBin cola_tin at 163.com
Tue Mar 30 20:31:11 PDT 2010

>I am using Jspeex for my project which requires compression of audio in
>realtime..so far i managed to capture sound using java's sound api.The
>capturing format i use is 8 bit 8khz ,stereo pcm.The captured sound is

"8bit 8khz stereo" vs "16bit 8khz mono", how it can work normally?

>buffered and fed to encoder(narrow band,mono 16 bit).I fed the encder output
>to decoder,whose output is again buffered for sometime.But when i try to
>play it back i could hear sound only in right channel.Left channel is fully
>noise..I am not using any format converter during playback..what can be
>the possible cause of the noise..plz reply
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