[Speex-dev] Symbian/S60 encoding failures when building -O2/-O1 optimization and FIXED_POINT

Brian Friedkin brian at kinoma.com
Fri Mar 5 16:09:33 PST 2010

Hello -

We are building Speex 1.2rc1 on Symbian/S60 using the GNU 
csl-arm-2005Q1C tool chain provided in the S60 SDK.  We build with the 
supplied config.h and define FIXED_POINT to 1.

We found that the encoded audio is "garbled" when we build with GCC -O1 
or -O2 optimization level with fixed point enabled.  But if fixed point 
is enabled and no GCC optimization level is specified, the encoded audio 
is correct.  The encoded audio is also correct with fixed point disabled 
and the library built at -O1 or -O2 optimization level.  So it seems 
that the GCC optimization is somehow causing the fixed point encoder 
build to fail.

I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this, and/or if there are 
suggestions to help pinpoint the failure.


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