[Speex-dev] High CPU usage

Mark Schilling mark_schilling at gmx.de
Tue Sep 22 12:18:04 PDT 2009


I have a curious problem with speex. As long as I'm talking, it takes about 2-5% of my CPU. This seems ok.
But as soon as I stop talking, CPU utilization rises to about 30-45% and stays there until I start talking again. 

I compiled speex from source and use it with these settings:
- Preprocessor: Denoiser = ON, AGC = ON
- Encoder: ABR = 15000, DTX = 1, Mode = narrowband, Rate = 8000 Hz.

My platform: Windows XP SP3, MSVS 2008 SP1, 1.8 GHz Core Duo CPU, 2 GB RAM.

Thanks for your help :-)

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