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Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
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The .sw files I use simply mean "signed word", i.e. they're header-less
16-bit samples in the machine's endianness. As for the VQ, the function
you want to change is either split_cb_search_shape_sign() (and the
corresponding decoding function) or just vq_nbest() is your codebook
isn't too different from the one Speex uses.



Daniela Tedesco a écrit :
> Hello!
> I'm an Italian student in computer engineering (University "Federico II" of
> Naples) and I have to write my graduation thesis in the field of signal
> processing. My teacher (Prof. Giovanni Poggi
> http://www.diet.unina.it/giovanni.poggi/) has published a research about
> multiple description vector quantizers by means of the self organizing maps,
> applying his idea to the images and now I look after audio.
> So I have looked for an open source codec and I have found Speex! I should
> modify the "vector quantization"  in the "multiple description vector
> quantization". Can you help me?
> For a start, after I have read all the manual, I have considered the function
> "testenc" in "libspeex"  to understand the process of coding/decoding. Can you
> tell me what parameters I have to pass along main function from command line?
> In particular, What format must have the files? How can I create a file in the
> format ".sw"?
> Thank you!
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