[Speex-dev] porting speex on 32-bits Cortex-M3 controller

yuvraj dodia yuvraj_ad at yahoo.co.in
Thu Apr 30 13:03:27 PDT 2009


i am trying to port speex on STM32's Cortex-M3 controller (72Mhz). i am able to get audio in narrowband with Qualitybit=4.when i change quality bit to 6-8,audio is breaking. I am not able to encode data in real time. i am getting around 32000 samples and in that amount of time i am only able to encode 23000 samples.

Following link shows that speex is working fine with all the bitrates on STM32:

Can somebody provide me optimized speex, which is successfully ported on 32-bits controller or help me to optimize speex. i am using guntools(arm-eabi-gcc) to compile my application.

suggestions are welcomed, Thanks in advance


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