[Speex-dev] ietf discussion about draft-ietf-avt-rtp-speex

Alfred E. Heggestad aeh at db.org
Sun Apr 19 09:45:36 PDT 2009

Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves wrote:
> Sorry for the delay.
> On 4/13/09, Alfred E. Heggestad <aeh at db.org> wrote:
>> Ivo, could you also review the updated memo-status/copyright notice,
>> located on page 1-2 ?
> Is this a new standard for writing Internet drafts?  I've never seen
> it in other documents.
> Specifically, this part:
> "This document may not be modified, and derivative works of it may not
> be created, except to format it for publication as an RFC or to
> translate it into languages other than English."
> Unless it is required now by the IETF I would advise to remove it.
> You are placing restrictions which do not usually appear(?) and may
> otherwise conflict with IETF guidelines.
> It actually differs from the standard Intellectual Property and Full
> Copyright Statement clauses that proposed Standard Tracks documents
> carry at the bottom.

there are some changes in the IETF process between -05 and -06,
see here:


when I tried to submit -06 with ipr=full3978 it was rejected by the
submission tool. when changed to ipr="noModificationTrust200902" and
processed with xml2rfc v1.34pre3 it was accepted..

it is not very important for me which value we use here .. it should
be a license which suits the open source community and is accepted
by the IETF.

should we perhaps use the same value as the Ogg Theora RTP I-D ?
I think that both Speex and Theora codecs have similar interests here ..

> Finally, the "no derivative works" seems a no-no to me, but I'm no
> lawyer.  I for one assume Debian and other Free Culture organizations
> won't be pleased.

so let us try to make them pleased :)


> -Ivo

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