[Speex-dev] CELT 0.5.0 is out

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Thu Oct 16 04:21:23 PDT 2008

Aymeric Moizard a écrit :
>> None of that is defined yet, though I'm open to suggestions on how to do
>> the mapping.
> CELT/44100 and CELT/48000
> a=fmtp:105 stereo=on
> probably a latency value?

It would definitely need a frame_size value

> "CELT" doesn't seems to be used for any other existing audio related
> stuff? right?

Not yet. It's very new (bit-stream not frozen yet), so at this point,
there are a few early adopters, but that's it.

> I didn't read fully the doc...
> One question for you Jean-Marc: can you confirm that the decoder
> will receive enough information to autoconfigure itself when receiving
> RTP streams? One documentation sentence seems to not go in that
> direction while it's a requirement for VoIP and mainly for SIP
> negotiation.

No. Unlike Speex, CELT will not be able to decode anything with no prior
information on the stream. To decode a stream of packets, CELT needs the
following information
1) Sampling rate. It's not just for setting the soundcard's rate, if you
use the wrong rate, you get garbage.
2) Mono/Stereo
3) Frame size in samples
4) If there's more than one frame in a packet, you need to tell it where
the boundary is. However, once that's done, CELT knows the bit-rate used
just from the packet size, so there's no need to signal a fixed
communication rate.

The main reason CELT can't do like Speex (I wish it could) is that in
Speex, the overhead of transmitting the mode info is 5 bits for
narrowband and 9 bits for wideband. With 10 ms frames, that's just 250
and 450 bps. With CELT, there would be a bit more data needed and the
frame size can be as small as 2 ms, so we could end up with several kbps
of mode signalling. In the current code, there's no signalling at all.
The good thing is that after a few frames, the decoder should at least
realise it's decoding garbage.


> tks
> Aymeric
>>     Jean-Marc
>>> Diana
>>> Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
>>>> Hi everyone,
>>>> I'm happy to announce CELT version 0.5.0. This release includes
>>>> simplifications to the bit allocation code and includes a new
>>>> low-complexity mode that can be enabled (without breaking
>>>> compatibility)
>>>> on the encoder side. There are several other optimisations and bug
>>>> fixes
>>>> included. The API has also been slightly modified, so code using CELT
>>>> will have to be updated (only minor changes required).
>>>> You can download it from the website: http://www.celt-codec.org/
>>>> Please note that the bit-stream still isn't frozen which means that 1)
>>>> we can still improve things and 2) you can't rely on compatibility yet.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>>     Jean-Marc
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