[Speex-dev] VS2005 build stability?

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Wed Oct 1 21:07:11 PDT 2008

Tom Grandgent a écrit :
> If you remove the project files, I doubt it's going to make things easier 
> for anyone.  You'll probably just increase the number of questions as 
> people struggle to compile using less common and less user-friendly 
> methods, and someone is going to have to maintain that anyway.

And how is having out-of-date project files help.

> VS users want VS project files.  Plenty of open-source projects provide 
> them.  It's not that hard. 

It is. I have *one* set of autotools files (and by no means do I praise
autotools) and they work got dozens of platforms, including x86/Linux,
ARM, Blackfin, Mac, ... Yet, for the single platform that is Win32, I
need half a dozen sets of files because of all compiler versions under
the sun, it's just plain ridiculous.

> There's no way to get them up-to-date?  That's 
> ridiculous.  All it takes is someone who knows Speex, knows the compiler, 
> and has some motivation to do it. 

And that's the problem. I've had several people "in charge" of
maintaining the project files. They are still out-of-date at least half
the time. I don't blame them -- lack of time, no access to some compiler
versions, ... It's just a mess.

> You just replied to two such people.  
> Must you be that dismissive of their offers to help?

I don't dismiss their good intentions. I'm just saying it's so much of a
mess that in the end, project files tend to be broken more often than
not. That's why I'm asking for an alternative -- less painful -- method.
Speex should be simple to build. A small shell script could do it if
there's a command-line compiler.


> Tom
> Jean-Marc Valin <jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is is possible to have makefiles, batchfiles, whatever that just calls
>> the command-line compilers and doesn't require this huge amount of
>> per-compiler-version crap? Otherwise, I'm seriously considering removing
>> all those project files from the build since time has proven there's
>> just no way to get them up-to-date.
>> 	Jean-Marc
>> Alexander Chemeris a écrit :
>>> Hello,
>>> On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 8:29 PM, Kerry Bonin <kerry at vscape.com> wrote:
>>>> - Anyone else see this?
>>>> - Who maintains the Win32 projects (at least the VS2005)?  I'd be happy
>>>> to work with to solve.
>>>> - If nobody is actively maintaining this build, I'd be glad to fix and
>>>> contribute back.
>>> I'm currently listed as a Win32 build system maintainer, but I prefer not
>>> to take discussions off the list.
>>> In my day-to-day development I use VS2003 and have VS2005 only on
>>> dedicated VM, and I havn't experienced any of these problems. Probably
>>> that's because VM is allowed to use only one core. I'd be glad to work
>>> with you on these problems and I'll ask my co-workers with VS2005
>>> to test build on real hardware instead of VM. If you have any ideas
>>> or patches to solve this problem - post them here.
>>>> - On the SVN vs. GIT query above, are these still synched?  We use SVN
>>>> for rest of project, so including via svn external is very convenient,
>>>> nice to know if valid...
>>> I think SVN version is now a little bit outdated. Though build system
>>> has not diverged too much yet. That's very sad Jean-Marc decided
>>> to drop SVN maintenance, it was very handy to use it in large
>>> svn-backed projects.
>>>> Just wanted to touch base with the list before I burnt time tracking
>>>> down Microsoft issues, in case there are any simpler fixes for this I
>>>> missed in mailing list archives and google...
>>> I believe you're the first to report these issues.
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