[Speex-dev] agc fixpoint do not work

cat tanger tanger_wendy at yahoo.com.cn
Mon May 26 19:48:22 PDT 2008

i test your agc fixpoint code ,
  but it does not work well,  far end cant hear anything.
  printf("%f %f",loudness , st->agc_gain);
  result is :
  8.047619  2048.000000
6.285714  280.000000
1.000000  280.000000
2.619048  153.000000
44.523810  2.000000
38.619048  0.000000
47.000000  0.000000
22.809524  0.000000
30.571429  0.000000
17.571429  0.000000
18.380952  0.000000

>Thorvald Natvig <thorvald at natvig.com> 写道:
>Sorry for this being late. Anyway, this has an AGC that works in >fixed 
>point. The calculation of the gain is changed slightly even in floating 
>point, as loudness_accum is no longer pow()'d, which affects the >initial 
>frames slightly. It gives results in fixed point, but no extensive 
>verification has been done, and many of the _ctl functions still do not >
>work, as they need to convert back and forth to decibel scale. I think 
>perhaps the best solution there is to have the state struct store the 
>decibel value as is done for noise suppression levels etc.
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