[Speex-dev] Speex realtime encoding/decoding "Real world" usage for Windows Mobile / Symbian device

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) lists at infosecurity.ch
Fri May 23 06:52:23 PDT 2008

Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
> http://www.speex.org/docs/manual/speex-manual/node5.html
Added it to the Wiki page along with cpu details of all HTC and Nokia 
3rd edition CPUs, Sonyericsson CPU and cpu monitoring software for Symbian.

> What number do you want??

Well, from a mobile application developer point of view it's usually 
very important when considering the technology selection to identify:

- which models will be supported by your application

that allow you to derive the numbers:
 - how many mobile device of the smartphone market it will support
that give you the very important numbers related to the "i will invest 
on this technology / i will not invest on this technology" .

If truephone was able to run only on 4 mobile phones, probably they had 
not invested any money in technology development.
Now they are using AMR, probably if they were sure that speex was able 
to run on all Nokia S60 3rd edition CPU and all Windows mobile based (or 
at least the majority of them), they would prefer to choose speex in 
order to lower the royalty costs on server side

It's important, because when you make the technology selection in the 
mobile application development you should consider very important 
marketing issue like "how many phone models will it support and how many 
of those phone models are available in the hands of the users" .

 From an mobile application developer point of view the relevant issue 
is to know that "that library is supported on that mobile device".

For example here they said that speex does not work on a 195mhz TI OMAP 
and that even overclocking to 273mhz have problems:

If we could know that it works by using X parameters on Y platforms with 
K cpu usage it would be imho a great results for all the community.

> You're willing to contribute to the effort?
Sure, started documenting the speex-hardware page even if cannot provide 
direct support for "compiling" the software.

If someone can bring me (or upload to the wiki) a small benchmark 
application for several release of Windows Mobile and Symbian OS (don't 
know exactly the binary compatibility between the different version of 
WM), then i can make the announcement of the testing phase to all the 
websites of WM and Symbian development communities to get feedbacks!

>> I would suggest to :
>> - create sample application doing benchmarking for
>>   - playing speex
>>   - recording speex
>>   - recording/playing simultaneously
>>   by using different complexity parameters.
> the testenc application mostly does that, so do speexenc/speexdec
What would be really fine if those applications could have a preset of 
testing parameters like (NB / WB / complexity) and generate a log files 
that could be uploaded by the testing community.
Also the CPU power monitoring during the testing would be a very good 
information to be gathered.

Then i could personally parse the log files in order to create tables 
with the results on the Speex-Hardware page.

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