[Speex-dev] Mixing Codebook?

Ricardo Andere de Mello quilombodigital at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 17:01:19 PDT 2008

Hi guys,

This is my first post, I´m a brazilian programmer and I think speex is a
great project. :)
I'm working on a free software project and I was planning to use speex on
it. I have used the java speex version in another project and that worked
well, and this time I was planning to use a JNI version to get the latest

ok, lets get to the point. :)
I would need to mix some audio streams realtime. After googling a little I
had only two answers:
1 - decode,mix,encode
2 - lower quality, send streams at the same time and mix at the client.

I didnt like either solutions.

I´m not an audio expert, so I´m just saying something silly. I readed that
speex uses a fixed "codebook". So I think that in a simplistic way this
means that the encoded data are indexes in this codebook and some
transformation information.
Is it possible to create a "mixing codebook"? the idea is to generate all
the mix combinations of each entry in the codebook., so two encoded frames
could be merged and point to this different codebook, maybe selected in the
rtp header.

well... if this was a stupid question, sorry for taking your time. :)

Thanks, and keep the good job!

Ricardo Andere de Mello (Gandhi)
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