[Speex-dev] Stereo AEC, transition to Git

Alfred E. Heggestad aeh at db.org
Fri Jun 6 10:22:47 PDT 2008

Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
> git clone http://git.xiph.org/speex.git

I am getting this error:

walk 8e52b996f69c9419e3057ce0ed215fcb93a7be45
walk 0f6a78e98ea5e7ccc4b81d1d7064a4a251d019d7
walk 851f4aa7613d883664c1cae41e6a19e8969c9103
error: Couldn't get http://git.xiph.org/speex.git/refs/tags/Initial for tags/Initial
The requested URL returned error: 404
error: Could not interpret tags/Initial as something to pull

- using git version from Debian Etch


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