[Speex-dev] Raw files or Wav Files

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Sat Jul 12 20:40:26 PDT 2008

nagaraj at int.uni-karlsruhe.de a écrit :
> I have recently started working on SPEEX and thanks to the nice tutorial
> and examples, i was able to encode/decode files as per the command line
> programs speexenc.c and speexdec.c
> I tried the sampleenc/sampledec but, i know its only for the raw data.
> My question is what kind of raw data should be used to test them?
> Also, is it possible for me to use speex without any of the headers but
> for audio applications?
> Also, Can I just make use of wav files headers and get rid of ogg?

Speex itself doesn't need wav or Ogg files. As for sampleenc/sampledec,
they're not really meant to be used. It's more about showing a code example.


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