[Speex-dev] SPEEX Fixed Point Development

Wayne Klein Wayne.Klein at apogeelabs.com
Thu Feb 14 07:18:19 PST 2008

We are in the process over the next week to implement the Fixed Point
algorithms into a 200 MHz ARM9 CPU with MMU and I was wondering if you had
any experience/knowledge with possible pitfalls.  We are running Fixed Point
compilation on PC based system (P4 processor) and are noticing that the
audio gets "noisy" and then comes back to a more normal voice.  Are you
aware of any issues with the fixed point application?


Any input would be appreciated (even where else to look or info regarding
Fixed Point Implementation).


Wayne Klein

V.P. Engineering



Since the description above is not really specific ("noisy"), we could
record it as well as have scope print-outs if that helps.


This is a big project for our company and we are in the process of getting
ready for a demo.



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