[Speex-dev] Speex on Nokia Symbian S60 phones

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) lists at infosecurity.ch
Wed Dec 10 12:42:46 PST 2008

It would be very nice to know about some good success without too much 
cpu issues on Nokia devices, i tried pjsip.org project on S60 FP1 E65 
+200mhz ARM cpu with speex but don't had much luck in using it without 
having 100% cpu usage :(

Please let us to know about your testing

E65 CPU: http://www.nokia-tuning.net/index.php?s=processor

Fabio Pietrosanti

Jordan Dimov wrote:
> Thank you, guys. 
> Most smartphones in production today run at ~300MHz and above.  So 
> this shouldn't be a problem.  I'll try to compile speex for Symbian (I 
> see it's been ported, but the Symbian port is somewhat out of date?) 
> and I'll run it on a pair of Nokia N76 phones.  I'll let you know how 
> it works out. 
> If someone has any further advice in this direction, I would deeply 
> appreciate it. 
>     Quoting "Fabio Pietrosanti (naif)" <lists at infosecurity.ch>:
>     > If you are using CSD, like for a secure telephony solution
>     > (http://m.privategsm.com), consider that speex is VBR and VBR
>     codecs are
>     > not recommended for security reasons
>     (http://zfoneproject.com/faq.html#vbr) .
> Does this have something to do with side-channel attacks? 
> Anyway... I'll just use speex with CBR.  Thanks for the tip. 
> ~ J

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