[Speex-dev] Using Speex with Cellphone audio

Sean Walton swalton at sorenson.com
Tue Dec 9 07:42:35 PST 2008

Has anyone had any experience with applying Speex on cellphone audio?
If so, I have a few questions:

*	How has Speex performed with the audio, e.g., amount of
*	Since cellphones use the typical POTS sampling of 8Kbps, would
it help to use a multiple (16,32Kbps) or fractional (12,18,24Kbps)
*	At what sampling rate do you think a resampling of 8Kbps would
result in diminishing returns?
*	How does the Speex noise cancellation adapt to cellphone's pops
and static?  Is there a way to tune it dynamically?
*	(More generally) Can the codec tuned up or down dynamically
based on the receiver's needs (apart from using VBR) without restarting
the codec?



-Sean Walton

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