[Speex-dev] about the parameter of plc_tuning.

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Thu Apr 24 04:20:29 PDT 2008

cat tanger a écrit :
>  hi,i have two questions.
> 1. i dont know how to use the parameter of  plc_tuning,
> in 20% packets loss net condition what value it set?

If you expect 20% loss, you can set the PLC parameter to 20. Don't
expect that to make a huge difference though.

> 2. one (A) use  16.8K (quality = 5) ,the other (B) use 20.6k (quality = 6) .
>  i find  A sound with clutter. why?

16.8 kbps (and below) allocates very few bits to the high frequencies
and actually have to do spectral folding. That's probably why you don't
like it.



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