[Speex-dev] Decoding multiple Speex frames

Danny Peled Danny.Peled at nice.com
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Sorry for not explaining myself in my previous mail.

As you may know, one RTP payload may contain several Speex frames.

I also know that there is the ptime parameter in the SDP...

The question is:

How do I know the number of Speex frames in that payload before decoding the data?

I know that I can call speex_decode_int() several time until it returns end of stream.

BUT it there any API for getting the number of Speex frames in a raw data without decoding it?

Thanks again,


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> Hello,


> Could you please explain or send an example for decoding a packet that

> contains multiple Speex frames.


> According to the API document the speex_decode_int() decodes only one frame

> of speech.

the frames are just concatenated together in an Ogg Speex packet.

Simply call speex_decode_int() in a loop, nframes times, like in




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