[Speex-dev] WaveIn/WaveOut and Speex

Evgueni Tsygankov eugenet at rusmex.com
Mon Nov 5 18:55:24 PST 2007

The union approach in combination with using speex_encode_int and
speex_decode_int worked.

Thank you very much for helping me resolve this issue!


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Tom Grandgent wrote:

> Don't listen to this guy.

So why has it taken you and the other windows users this long to speak
up and help this guy?

BTW, this guy has been complaining about a problem on the Speex 
mailing list and saying things like:

> > > but believe me, there are a lot of programmers, whose posts I saw
> > > on the web, who tried to use WaveIn/WaveOut and Speex and failed.

when his problem has nothing to do with Speex and everything to 
do with microsoft's highly un-inituitive WaveIn/WaveOut API. 
If Microsoft's API was intuitive, he wouldn't *have* to have a
"basic understanding of how audio data is stored in memory".

Erik de Castro Lopo
"O'Caml ... a "language designed for smart people" if there
ever was one." -- Mike Vanier
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