[Speex-dev] Noise suppression less than AGC gain

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Tue May 29 08:19:47 PDT 2007

>> Hmm, I guess it's sort of the expected behaviour. It's pretty hard for
>> the AGC to know whether these "events" are desirable or not and whether
>> it should adapt to them.
> Aye. I have some silent hope that some day a perfect VAD will arrive,
> and then that could be used to adapt the AGC :)

OK, I'll wait for your patch then ;-)

> I did that (set noise suppress to -30 and the max gain to 15), and that
> fixes the problem for me. But as this seems to be a fairly common
> environment, I thought perhaps it would make sense to tune the defaults
> slightly.

Well, I can change the defaults and then people with different setups
(e.g. no noise and low input volume) will ask me to change it the other
way... In the end, the only fix is to improve the AGC adaptation
decision, including (but not only) the VAD.


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