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Alexander Chemeris ipse.speex at gmail.com
Tue May 29 02:57:41 PDT 2007


On 5/29/07, alex at gorex.com.hk <alex at gorex.com.hk> wrote:
>   I am compiling the OpenSpeak which combines PA and Speex.
> However, it said the speex.lib , linker mismatch error between C2.Dll and
> Link.exe
> so I want to use VS2003 to compile again.  anyone can tell me which file should
> I get the lib done?  I have download the speex 1.2 beta, however, it seems I
> cannot this file be compiled.

Try attached VS2003 project. You may use DLL configuration to avoid
any problems with CRT version (that is the problem you have). If you
want to use static lib configuration you have to check that your CRT
Run-Time settings match CRT Run-Time settings for Speex project.
Attached project file use more widely used Multi-Threaded DLL CRT
Run-Time, so it will likely match your settings.

Alexander Chemeris.

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