[Speex-dev] Re: libspeex_armce_lib

Patrick Andrieux patrick.andrieux at gmail.com
Fri May 18 07:00:24 PDT 2007

Hello Antonio,

It was almost a year ago, so I don't remember exactly all what I did,
but anyway I'll try to explain to you the main lines.

In speex's sources, you should have a specific folder for VS2005 (or
VS2003 depending on which Visual Studio you are using), run the
project from there.  You must compile for arm arch, not i386
arch...you can modify that somewhere in VS.

I don't remember very well how, but you have to compile a library, a
.lib file, not a DLL or whatever... In my mind, the project  is
already configured to compile the lib... but not completely sure about

Then, I compiled a DLL written in C++ in which I have included
libspeex_armce.lib in project's properties.

And in my application in C#, I imported functions from the DLL.
So basically, I had GUI in C#, and all the speex process was done by my DLL.

And about the error you got, I don't know what is you r problem.
If you look at the list archive, I think I already explain that one
time...more in details.

best rgds,

On 18/05/07, Antonio Mastrorillo <amastrorillo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, Patrick I am writing an application in C# for Smartphone WM5, would want to use Speex  1.2, but I do not succeed to compile libspeex_armce.lib error: "Error Impossible to generate the line of commando for the VCCLCompilerTool instrument". I have inasmuch as you have made it, you can explain to me like? Exists a wrapper in C#?
> Best Regards
> Antonio Mastrorillo

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