[Speex-dev] Signaling tones in Speex

Mainak Chakraborty mainak.chakraborty at gmail.com
Fri May 4 04:03:14 PDT 2007

Hi all,
Has anyone tried conveying signaling tones (DTMF) through speex? If so, can
i get an idea of the lowest bit-rate at which I can do so with 'tolerable
distortion'. G.728 does so and G.729E (11.8 Kbps mode) is 'claimed' to do so
but even if true, G.729 (rather G.729I - 11.8/8/6.4 kbps) does not allow me
to go below 6.4 kbps if needed. Basically I am looking for a single codec
which would allow me to play with multiple (low) bit-rates within voice and
switch to a higher bit-rate upon detecting a signaling tone instead of using
RFC 2833/out-of-band signaling methods. I hope speex is the solution am
looking for!

PS: In any case I will have to test it out myself but a positive answer to
this query would definelty brighten up the road ahead :-)
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