[Speex-dev] [patch] Mac Universal Binaries

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+la at mega-nerd.com
Thu May 3 17:56:13 PDT 2007

Peter Grayson wrote:

> It is not that AC_C_BIGENDIAN does not work. It is that it determines
> endianness at configure-time as opposed to compile-time. The process
> for building universal binaries on Mac demands that the distinction be
> made at compile-time. To enable building universal binaries on Mac in
> a single pass, the decision has to be deferred to compile-time.

Personally I think universal binaries are a bad idea.

For one of my projects, libsndfile, endian issues is not the only
think that breaks in univesal binaries. The problem is that I
detect cpu features other than just endian-ness at configure time;
things that cannot be detected purely from compiler flags.


However, my biggest objection to universal binaries for libsndfile
is that libsndfile has a huge and comprehensive test suite and
running the test suite during a universal build will only test
the native build, not the cross-compiled build. As far as I am
concerned, cross-compiled code that isn't tested is worse than
native code that isn't tested and I consider native code that
isn't tested to be broken code.

> My strong suspicion is that testing __BIG_ENDIAN__ at compile-time
> will work for all relevant unix-like platforms. Even icc supports
> this.

Yep, gcc and icc support it. How many others do? Is suspect
its very close to zero.

Erik de Castro Lopo
"UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things,  because
that would also stop you from doing clever things."  -- Doug Gwyn

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