[Speex-dev] Fixed point port status, 2 May 2007?

marzullo maio marzullo63 at yahoo.it
Wed May 2 00:31:49 PDT 2007

Could you please explain what features has been already ported to FIXED_POINT
and which others aren't yet?
Please add some details on how to understand by looking inside code if a feature
is alredy ported or not.
For example,  where i see float declaration or wherever i see you're using FPU
doing float multiplications/divisions etc, this without any alternative code with FIXED_POINT
define,  should i  realize the port isn't done yet? just tell some details on how to understand.
Please, tell also if some speex features are still usable on FPU-less CPUs due to very few
floating point operations.


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