[Speex-dev] SpeexACM_1.0.1.1_source.zip

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Wed Jun 6 17:16:11 PDT 2007

LWATCDR a écrit :
> Thanks I guess I am not escaping Windows Development after all. What is
> worse I may have to install vista!, I guess first step is to get it up to
> where the 1..0.1.1 version was before it dropped off the face of the earth.
> Should I eventual put this on source forge or what. I would like it to have
> a perminate home. I could host it on my work website but it will not a CVS.
> Sorry to ask all these but I have never tried to maintain an FOSS project.

I'd say do whatever is most convenient for you in the short term. If
it's your employer's website, just make sure he's aware of that and
approves. In the longer term, you'll see what's most convenient, e.g. if
you get many contributors then having everything on a sourceforge CVS
would be useful. In the end, just make sure your work doesn't disappear
as has happened before.


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