[Speex-dev] libfishsound 0.8.0 Release

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Mon Jun 4 03:19:36 PDT 2007

FishSound 0.8.0 Release

libfishsound provides a simple programming interface for decoding and
encoding audio data using Xiph.Org codecs (Vorbis and Speex).

This release is available as a source tarball at:


New in this release

This release includes compatibility with the floating point portion of the
libfishsound development trunk API, in preparation for use with liboggplay.
In order to build a minimal version of libfishsound for use with liboggplay,
configure with encoding disabled in order to produce a smaller binary and
to remove the dependency on libvorbisenc. For details, see:



	* Improved consistency of frame number reporting: for both Vorbis
	  and Speex, the frame number is always updated before calling the
	  user's callbacks for encoding or decoding.

	* Added an internal finalizer for encoding the end of Vorbis streams,
          to ensure that all input samples are correctly encoded without
          requiring programmer intervention.

	* Compatibility with SVN trunk, included new API functions:


	* Added definitions for FISH_SOUND_CONTINUE, STOP_OK, STOP_ERR as
          documented in <fishsound/constants.h> (ticket:278)

	* Documentation improvements for fish_sound_new() and
	  fish_sound_decode() functions. (Ralph Giles)

	* Updated Win32 build system (Marcin Lubonski)

	* Updated shared version info to 3:0:2

For details, see:

About libfishsound

libfishsound by itself is designed to handle raw codec streams from a
lower level layer such as UDP datagrams. When these codecs are used in
files, they are commonly encapsulated in Ogg to produce Ogg Vorbis
and Speex files.

libfishsound is a wrapper around the existing codec libraries and provides
a consistent, higher-level programming interface. It has been designed for
use in a wide variety of applications; it has no direct dependencies on
Ogg encapsulation, though it is most commonly used in conjunction with
liboggz to decode or encode Vorbis or Speex audio tracks in Ogg files,
including Ogg Theora and Annodex.

FishSound has been developed and tested on GNU/Linux, Darwin/MacOSX and
Win32. It probably also works on other Unix-like systems via GNU autoconf.
For Win32: nmake Makefiles, Visual Studio .NET 2003 solution files and
Visual C++ 6.0 workspace files are all provided in the source distribution.

Full documentation of the FishSound API, customization and installation,
and complete examples of Ogg Vorbis and Speex decoding and encoding are
provided in the source tarball, and can be read online at:


FishSound is Free Software, available under a BSD-style license.

More information is available online at the FishSound homepage:


enjoy :)

Conrad Parker, Annodex Association

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