[Speex-dev] An Open source phone based on Speex

farhan at phonestack.com farhan at phonestack.com
Sun Feb 18 07:37:49 PST 2007

Dear All,

I have finished documenting my Lightweight Telephony Protocol. It is now 
availalbe on www.lightweighttelephony.org. I invite you all to use the 
simple command line client (so that you can script it anyway) that works 
with Speex codec (Create your userid on spokn.com).

The site may not render properly on some browsers, I will fix it in the 
coming week. This protocol is simple and easily understood. It provides a 
platform for everybody to try out the speex codec.

In a blink:
* supports conferencing, push-to-talk, chat
* works through NATs
* entirely free stack based on open standards
* simple, UDP based, written portabley in C.

As on date, I have finished clients for symbian, pocketpc, mac, linux and 
windows. it is probably the only voip that works well even on GPRS 
connection with speex complexity 1 encoding.

I will shortly release the GPLed windows desktop version too. I am looking 
for help in setting up a cvs on sourceforge and for some co-developers.

- farhan

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