[Speex-dev] frame of silence

Chris Cowden ccowden at ncsoft.com
Wed Feb 14 12:56:51 PST 2007

Okay, you've answered part of my question, which is "What value equals
silence?". I assume then that a (decoded) frame of silence would be a
buffer the size of my frame (320 bytes) full of 0's.


Passing this frame (a frame of all 0's) through the encoder causes it to
blowup though.. 


In response to your answer below, I don't think I want to overwrite the
decoded audio output since I don't want to lose any "voice", I only want
to interpolate silence into it. So I would guess your response to this
would be "Why don't you just interpolate a frame of 0's in between
frames of voice after it's been decoded?"... to which I reply, "that
seems sort of hack-ish... I'm looking for a more programmatic way of
generating silence that the speex codec won't choke on." Is there such a


I don't mean to have a one-sided conversation, only to make the best use
of the bandwidth of this email.. Thank you for your help and I look
forward to any responses!



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Forgive me if I misunderstood your question, but can't you just
overwrite the decoded audio buffer (either before encoding or after
decoding, depending on what you are trying to do) with zeros?



David Hogan



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	Hi, I'm new to this list. I'm using Speex as the base codec in a
voice chat application (with DirectSound as the audio playback/capture


	To help me debug some of my network-related issues, I would
really like to insert frames of "silence" into speech. Is there a
convenient function call or API call that takes in a buffer that is the
size of a frame and writes a frame of "silence" to it?


	I'm not sure if I'm wording the question well, so any feedback
would be greatly appreciated!


	Btw, I am really enjoying using this codec and look forward to
getting this working! Thanks!

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