[Speex-dev] speex in C# please help

Mohammed Ibrahim snouto at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 07:36:40 PST 2007

hello guys this is my code for the C# wrapper.
using System;

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

using System.IO;

namespace Speex



///the following class is the win32 SPEEX API that retrieve

///methods and structures from the libspeex file


public unsafe class Speex_win32


#region Speex Constants

//global speex file that contains the api(s)

public const string libpath = "libspeex.dll";

public const int Frame_Size = 160;

public const int Max_Frame_Size = 2000;

public const int Speex_Get_Frame_Size = 3;

public const int Speex_Set_Quality = 4;

public const int Speex_nb_Mode = 3;

//create the structure that will hold the speexbits

public struct SpeexBits


public char *chars; /* "raw" data */

public int nbBits; /* Total number of bits stored in thestream*/

public int charPtr; /* Position of the byte "cursor" */

public int bitPtr; /* Position of the bit "cursor" within thecurrent char */

public int owner; /* Does the struct "own" the "raw" buffer(member "chars") */

public int overflow; /* Set to one if we try to read past thevalid data */

public int buf_size; /* Allocated size for buffer */

public int reserved1; /* Reserved for future use */

public void *reserved2; /* Reserved for future use */



public struct SpeexMode


public void *mode;

public IntPtr query;

public char *modename;

public int modeid;

public int bitstream_version;

public IntPtr enc_init;

public IntPtr enc_destroy;

public IntPtr enc;

public IntPtr dec_init;

public IntPtr dec_destroy;

public IntPtr dec;

public IntPtr enc_ctl;

public IntPtr dec_ctl;



#region Exported Methods


public static extern void *speex_encoder_init(ref SpeexMode modein);


public static extern IntPtr speex_lib_get_mode (int modein);


public static extern int speex_encoder_ctl(void *state , int request , void *ptr);


public static extern int speex_encoder_settings(void *state , int complexity , int samplingrate,int quality , int bitrate);


public static extern int speex_encoder_int(void *state , short *input , SpeexBits *bits);

//exported bit operation methods


public static extern void speex_bits_init(SpeexBits *bits);


public static extern int speex_bits_write(SpeexBits *bits , IntPtr bytes , int Max_length);


public static extern int speex_bits_reset(SpeexBits *bits);


public static extern void *speex_decoder_init(int modein);


public static extern int speex_decoder_ctl(void *state , int request , void *ptr);


public static extern int speex_decoder_int(void *state , short *input , SpeexBits *bits);




when i call the speex_lib_get_mode(int modein);

in my managed code i have an exception with the message "unable to find an entrypoint for the speex_lib_get_mode in the libspeex.dll file"

please help is there anything something wrong in my wrapper please help or correct my file please.
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