[Speex-dev] Request for Developement

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Tue Feb 6 06:42:28 PST 2007

> Maybe it's time to label 1.2 as stable?  

No. But if you insist, just download the latest version and do a:
% mv speex-1.2beta1 speex-1.2
At thins point, what "unstable" means is mainly:
1) The code can change quite a bit between releases (and even the API
for some newer features, not the codec)
2) There's a bit less testing being done for regressions (consequence of 1)

That being said, 1.2beta1 (and svn) is already much better code than
1.0.5. With a bit of testing, I strongly recommend going with the
unstable branch.

> Or do you still require more
> feedback and testing before that?

There's still a few internal changes I need to do before 1.2:
1) Memory reductions in the encoder and decoder (esp. wideband)
2) Finishing the fixed-point for wideband and the 2.15 kbps mode
3) Getting the preprocessor VAD working again
4) Integrating the runtime SIMD patch if possible
probably a few things I forget

On top of that, I want to stabilise the API for the "newer" features,
such as the echo canceller, preprocessor and jitter buffer. Basically,
expect one or two other betas before I start the RCs.


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