[Speex-dev] Range of Speex input samples

Daniel Schmidt dschmidt2006 at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 1 12:25:00 PST 2007

Hello Jean-Marc.

A few weeks ago you wrote on this list:

> Samples should never reach saturation (+-32767) and should generally
> be less than 16384 to have good results.

I would like to use Speex in 8 kbps narrowband mode to compress an
audio signal (speech) with several peaks up to +-24000. Would it make
sense to reduce the volume by 3 dB before feeding it to Speex and
increasing it again afterwards? I did a few tests without noticing
much difference. Is it therefore sufficient if 90% of the samples are
in the +-16384 range?

Thank you,

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