[Speex-dev] Some question about speexcodex 1.2 beta2 on linux

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Thu Dec 6 06:33:30 PST 2007

On 05/12/2007, r96128 <r96128 at csie.ntu.edu.tw> wrote:
> then I used gcc or g++ to compile this file with the static libery
> command:
> gcc encode.c ../test/lib/libspeex.so
> the result of compiling is ok
> then when I run the program it shows
> './a.out: symbol lookup error: ./a.out: undefined symbol:
> speex_preprocess_state_init


The speex_preprocess* functions were recently moved into the new
library libspeexdsp.

So, you will need to link against both libspeex.so and libspeexdsp.so.



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