[Speex-dev] [PATCH] Add Visual Studio 2008 Prject files

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Thu Dec 6 06:32:57 PST 2007

> Just to indicate my position:
> 1) MinGW build support is good. It should be there.

Will merge.

> 2) I _will_ maintain VS6, VS2003 and VS2005 projects for Speex as long
> as we use Speex in sipXmediaLib. It would be great to have them checked
> in to Speex repo, if no - we will keep them in our. Reasons - handiness,
> ability to link statically, support for WinCE.

OK, I'll keep them for as long as you keep maintaining them. That being
said, some simplifications (e.g. less directories) would be nice (for
after beta3).

> 3) Project files make compilation much easier for people how want Speex
> to "just work" and want to use svn version (e.g. because of bugfixes).
> Also they reduce number of questions in mailing list from the legion of
> VS users.
> 4) I have not so much time to flame on this and definitely will not change
> my position easily.
> 5) It's up to Jean-Marc to make final decisions.



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