[Speex-dev] [PATCH] Add Visual Studio 2008 Prject files

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Sat Dec 1 07:23:52 PST 2007

>>> I think the amount of Windows crap is getting a bit ridiculous.
> It always was. I'm just surprised you took so long to realise it :-).

Well, it's actually getting worse as MS releases new compiler
versions... I really haven't been paying attention because I've never
compiled it on windows.

> For libsndfile, my solution has been :
>   - Use MinGW on windows.

Does MinGW require any change to the autoconf files or does it work out
of the box.

>   - Release pre-compiled binaries.

Well, I'd still have to rely on 3rd parties, since I don't have a
windows box.

> I provide basic instructions for compling using MinGW:
>     http://www.mega-nerd.com/libsndfile/win32.html
> And if anyone asks why I don't just ship project files, I point them
> to the FAQ which explains why:
>     http://www.mega-nerd.com/libsndfile/FAQ.html#Q019

What you're saying here sounds pretty much like my experience, except
that I'm still including these project files even though they are
sometimes broken.

> This may be an option for you to consider.

Well, I'll see how things to...

BTW, Windows is not quite the only "special" platform, there's the TI
C55x DSP as well. At least that one has the excuse of not being a
general purpose computing platform.


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