[Speex-dev] Echo canceller end up more echo than before.

Damian Minkov damencho at damencho.com
Mon Aug 27 03:52:39 PDT 2007


record your media and pass it to the testecho.c (which is in libspeex
dir of the source from the svn).
To see if its a problem of the jni wrapping or the media itself. Make
sure the media is synch as said in many posts in this list.
As this seems to be the greatest issue.


Hai Yun Tao wrote:
> Perhaps that's because I have some problem understanding the
> documentation, or dunno how to fine tune it.
> I tried to use the echo canceller to cancel out echo in case it is
> present, but when I tried it, it gives me echo even
> there is no echo at all, and the echo is more serious if there is echo
> present.
> I'm using speex with JNI, I shall give more details if needed. But i
> just want to make sure that there are people
> who met similar problems or there are experienced member who can help.
> Thanks for speex and all member in advance.
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