[Speex-dev] Speex and .NET Compact Framework

Panos Toulis ptoulis at iti.gr
Sat Aug 4 15:09:58 PDT 2007


I am trying to get *speex *working for Windows Mobile platforms.
Basically there are 2 problems for build a working .dll

1. There seems to be missing the def file libspeex.def
2. One source file has been declared (medfilter.c) but this is missing too.

For 1. I found the file on the Internet and for 2. I deleted the file's 
entry in the Visual Studio project's properties.
Doing this I have managed to create the dll file and I am now I am 
trying to create a .NET CF wrapper via P/Invoke
in order to make speex library supported in .NET Compact Framework 
platform. However I am receiving
errors in my calls that have no description (exception code : 0xc0000005 

Has anyone encountered this before? Could anyone supply with an advice?

Thank you for your time

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