[Speex-dev] need a help for using AEC

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Thu Sep 28 15:57:06 PDT 2006

The AEC is not designed to cancel sinusoids. Try with speech.


Johnson Peng a écrit :
> speex-devDear Jean-Marc Valin I got some problems with evaluating the
> AEC module of speex. I wrote a test main function and compiled it
> with the speex lib in VC6.0, it initialized the AEC state and called
> the AEC main function in the same way as what was done in testecho.c.
> The near-end input wave file was a simple delaying and adding version
> of the far-end input wave, eg. y(n) = 0.5*x(n-100)+ 0.2*x(n-200)+
> 0.1*x(n-300) . The max delay was ensured to be less than the setting
> echo tail length of AEC, but the output e(n) was not an echo canceled
> verson of x(n), It seemed that the ^h(n) never converged to the real
> impulse response h(n), why?  and I didn't suspect the input files
> because the same x(n) and y(n) input could work well in another
> simple time-demon nlms AEC method which was implemented in malab.
> best regards, 
>            Johnson Peng         p_yuanjiang at sina.com           2006-
> 09-29
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