[Speex-dev] Little question about the article "on Adjusting..."

Jean-Christophe.Berge at etu.enseeiht.fr Jean-Christophe.Berge at etu.enseeiht.fr
Mon Sep 25 03:04:52 PDT 2006

Hello Jean-Marc Valin and all the speex-dev team,

I just read your article "On Adjsusting the learning Rate in Frequency
Domain Acho Cancellation With Double-Talk"
It is a very very interresting article, but I have a little questions
about the last section,

I understood that AEC with Gansler or cross-correlation algorithms have a
learning rate of 0.2 (in your experiment) or 0 if a double-talk is
But, in the figure 4, where you have plot the learning rate function of
the time, I can see that in the first 2 seconds, cross-correlation
algorithm's learning rate is about 0.22... How can it be possible ? Is it
just a measurement problem ?

Thank your for your answer,


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