[Speex-dev] Echo Cancellation for silent echo signal

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Wed Sep 20 04:31:12 PDT 2006

Hi Jean-Marc,

  When speech is played in speaker, we are feeding that speech to echo canceller for cancelling its echo from captured data and the echo canceller work very well. But when there is no speech, we are feeding samples of value zero to speaker and the same to echo canceller. But microphone is always capturing something. But when speech is played again after these zeros(silent period) and when this speech is input to echo canceller for cancellation, we are not getting initial performance from echo canceller. will zero data affect adaptation? Is there any way to increase the rate of adaptation as it takes more time to adapt especially for intermittent speech with time gap in between words?

Thanks in advance

I usually try to go past English grammar (I'm not a native speaker
either), but this is bad to the point that it's very hard for me to even
understand what you mean. Can you please proofread what you write a bit
more and send it again?


On Wed, 2006-07-19 at 09:47 +0800, Yong Chen wrote:
> Hi Jean-Marc,
>     I am developing a voice chat for win32 using speex,when I do echo cancellation, after 2 seconds adaptation,
> the echo canceller work very well,but after process silent(zero) echo signal(when enabled VAD,DTX),it work very bad,I 
> have to reset it, it seems adapt faster then do not rest it, so I always here echo produce by my fisrt two second
> speech,how can I solve this problem? thank you ver much.
>                    Best regards
>             Yong Chen
>             admin at seeyoucn.com
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