[Speex-dev] Hardware phones supporting speex?

Andrew Wainwright speex at wainwright1000.fslife.co.uk
Fri Sep 15 13:30:28 PDT 2006

(First time post.  Please be kind!)

I've done some googling, read up on speex, found this mailing list, and 
have been following it for a few weeks.  Now I really have to ask:

Can it really be true that there are as yet no hardware phones which 
support the speex codec?  Hard to believe (unless perhaps there's a good 
technology reason?)

I'm not a developer - I'm a purchaser.  I wanted our (Asterisk) office 
phone calls to use a wideband codec, but came up with nothing.  So I've 
hung out here, in the hope that some of you might be working on something.

Are any of you working on a speex hardphone?

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