[Speex-dev] Single frame or multiple frame inside rtp packet?

Reza Fatahillah ezhot_95 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 7 02:09:50 PDT 2006


Sorry if my question not related to speex.
I have created a voip application using speex. My
internet line is 64Kbps. 
I`m using narrow band mode, 8000 bitrate, 20ms of
8000Khz sampling rate, no buffering, no preprocessing,
just set bitrate and go.

When i send single frame inside rtp the sound was not
good, choppy and noisy. But when i pack around 8 frame
inside rtp packet, the sound was better.
My question are:
1. Which one is best practice?
2. How to correctly measure bandwidth usage of speex

Thanks for any help

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