[Speex-dev] Problems linking libspeex & libogg

Maurizio Men maurizio_men at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 31 09:50:20 PST 2006


I would like to build the projects speexenc and speexdec using Visual Studio 
2003. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert of Visual Studio and I don't know how 
to properly link the libspeex and libogg libraries to the speexenc and 
speexdec projects. At the moment I've successfully compiled the libogg 
library using the project file in win32\VS2003\libogg and the libspeex 
library using the project file in win32\VS2003\libspeex (lib files have been 
created in the Debug directory).

In order to compile speexenc (or speexdec), I open the project file in 
win32\VS2003\speexenc and in tools->options->Projects->VC++Directories I 
insert the directories where the header files and the lib files of libogg 
and libspeex are located .... but when I compile the program I obtain a long 
list of LNK2019 errors (unresolved external symbol)...

Could you help me with this apparently trivial problem.

Thank you in advance.



PS: when I compile libogg and libspeex I obtain a long list of warnings ... 
is it correct ?

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